Peter TorstensenFrom the world of sports we know it takes a bit talent and a lot of practice to become a world champion.
We know that the amount and the quality of practice is the main driving force for success. What if success as an entrepreneur is the same?
What if the amount and the quality of practice is a dominant driver for success? Then we could change the world if we could figure out a way to practice entrepreneurship.

I believe that there is a method for increasing the likelihood of being a successful entrepreneur and I believe that if you have a bit of talent that method can be learned. I also believe that you won’t learn the method in a classroom or in a course but by practicing it every day as an entrepreneur with the help of few skilled people and a lot systematism. I believe that learning the method of entrepreneurship is like training a muscle – it takes a lot of repetitions.

My wish for this blog is to serve as inspiration for entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial eco-system and to create an open debate on how we can stimulate growth among startups. Some of the content is based on research and  experiences from our nearly 200 startup cases in Accelerace – other is my own personal opinion and belief.

– Peter Torstensen, CEO Accelerace

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