Fireside chat with Karim, CEO of Washa : Extreme Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping is one of the more popular forms of early financing for startups in Copenhagen. After the initial FFF capital (Family, Friends and Fools) is exhausted, startups usually arrive at the brink of so called”valley of death”. It is a stage in a startup development process, after the product MVP has been developed, but the commercialization has not been reached yet. It is not uncommon to see startups pivot multiple times before reaching a clear proof of business, and the process can easily take months. This is where bootstrapping skills often come into play.

If you think about bootstrapping, you have to think about Washa – a startup which became legendary for starting with a single washing machine in their apartment, and scaling out to become one of the most promising Danish startups. Hear Karim, the CEO of Washa, tell us how his team executed proof-of-business and got a strategic investor after 18 dry months of bootstrapping.

Check out what Washa is about here:

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