Small Scale Testing – a fireside chat with Jens Reimer Olesen @Ontame

I keep being impressed by many of the startups that we have been working with in Accelerace and Jens Reimer, founder of Graduateland and now Ontame is no exception.

A while ago, we had a very interesting talk about his experience in his new startup, Ontame with doing small scale testing before making key decisions. The topic is interesting since the whole idea behind lean startup methodology and the way we work in Accelerace is that a startup is a long series of experiments: first you formulate assumptions around your company, then you test them and figure out the pattern in this data and then you build the concept (or you find out that the assumption was basically wrong). One of the issues that we’re facing working with startups in Accelerace is “how do you design real life experiments?” In my opinion, it’s a result of asking the right questions and designing the right experiments.

Watch this talk to find out how Jens did and how he used the output for developing his business.

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