Building a team – a firesite chat with Steffen Frølund @Bownty

The other day, I had an interesting chat with the founder and CEO of Bownty, Steffen Frølund about how to build a team, when you are a startup.

The topic is super relevant because no matter how strong an idea you have, the fate of your startup ultimately rests on the shoulders of your team. After all, it could take only one weak member to bring down your entire business.

From an investor perspective, you also want to test the ability of the founder team to attract the really skilled people, since it’s an important indicator of whether you’re on to something or not. For example: Is there a sufficient amount of people who believe in the story of the business? And how good are you as a founder at convincing people that this is the next big thing?

I hope you will get inspired from this chat, which definitely brought thoughts to my mind…

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